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PSD II is ushering in the age of digitisation for European payments services.

Payments Services Directive (PSD) II aims to promote competition and efficiency in the payments space by creating an open banking regime. PSD II significantly widens the scope of its predecessor, PSD I, introducing higher transparency and digitization requirements for payment processors. With a fast approaching deadline and much of the details still in consultation state, it is a big ask for payment services firms to be ready in compliance in time.

CMILE is helping payment services navigate and manage the latest finalised changes to PSD II without excessive overheads.

Here is how CMILE helps

Easily Navigate

Never again worry about where to start when it comes to regulatory text.

Stay in Context

Visual results so never lose context of the regulatory requirement.

Manage what Matters

Forget copy-paste, simply pin the rules that matter to you.

Make it Yours

Manage your interpretation of the regulation with clear audit trails.

Evidence Compliance

Link regulation with your compliance activities to keep the regulator happy.

Automate Updates

Never worry about changing regulation, we will take care of that for you.